PLEASE NOTE: We have provided a Web and Downloadable version here. Unfortunately a known bug in WebGL browsers means that our custom cursors will not work in the web version. This does not affect the game much, you will just not see an aim cursor, and it will not turn orange when shooting becomes available. Sorry for this.

Hello there and welcome to Virus Eater Peter - a game set in the glorious world of....well we are not sure where it is. But its not pleasant and rather full of bodily fluids.

Use WASD to move around and at some point you may find that left clicking will do something!

The game is a simple arena game where you must battle the evil virus' and bacteria of the host to survive. Truth be told, you probably wont survive. Which is a shame because you are a new, mutated white blood cell with the power to absorb fragments of the virus to be even more effective in battling it along side your white blood cell brothers.

Do try not to bump into the other white blood cells too much by the way. They might take exception to it.

So that is your task. Kill the virus' and collect the RNA fragments they drop to help you survive as long as you possibly can. Remember, if things get can always just give up.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP, extract and run the EXE file. Have Fun!


Download 15 MB

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